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  • Body work in stainless steel.
  • Standard with stainless steel frame on box girders with forklift slots.
  • Stackable construction with crane hooks.
  • Weather resistant and lockable casing.
  • High capacity, easily and safely transportable, central control.
  • Lockable door panels for control box and burner area with feed through glands for cables.
  • Pelltech pellet heater with automatic pellet feeding and automatic burner cleaning.
  • Completely automatic burner control with thermostat connection.
  • With overheat protection and temperature limitation of warm air.
  • Fan and thermal security resettable from control box.
  • Standard equipped with a 1x500 mm outlet panel.
  • A recirculation flange for the Pellet 2000 S is available as an accessory.
  • Standard equipped with an EC fan, which can be switched to high and low speed level. In this fan a soft starter and phase control are standard built-in.
  • Standard equipped with a jackscrew for automatic discharge of ash.
  • A mobile ash container can be connected to the heater.
  • Standard equipped with a mechanical flue gas fan.
  • 100% Clean and dry heat.
  • Outlet temperature ΔT 47 °C.*
  • Large heat throw.
  • Combustion chamber heat resistant up to 850 °C.
  • Automatic discharge of the ash.
  • High efficiency heat exchanger (92%).
  • High Pressure fan for powerful heat distribution.
Building industry
  • Heating and drying of building locations and all- weather projects.
  • Drying of buildings after flooding.
  • Heating of transit sheds, workshops and warehouses
Marquees Heating
  • Specially suited for heating marquees, showrooms and sports halls.

Pelletsbrännare 180 kW
Varmluftspanna pellets 180 kW
Automatisk pelletsmatare
Automatisk uraskning 
Containerlösning som tillbehör
Technical specifications - Dimensions and weights

1 kW = 860 kcal/h 1 kW = 3.413 Btu/h 1 kW = 3,6 mJ/h 1 kg = 1,2 l/h